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Eguaras: 'They'll take the game to us from the get go so we'll have to impose ourselves'

The UD Almería defensive midfielder describes Sunday's match against Sevilla FC as a 'final' because of the massive points at stake and the importance of winning away from home.

Spring is fast approaching. It is the season in which the word 'final' begins to be heard in the football clubs to describe the remaining matches. UD Almería midfielder Iñigo Eguaras used this term to refer to Sunday's match against Sevilla FC: 'I very much hope that we pluck up the courage in Seville because it's like a final. When it seems you're taking a step forward and then you don't win two games in a row, you see yourself in trouble at the bottom again.'

'There are many teams that are fighting to death to avoid the drop and it will be tough for us and also for the rest,' he told the Club's official media. Iñigo Eguaras also indicated the type of game he expects: 'They'll take the game to us from the get go after what happened last week; they didn't expect to be where they're in the table at this point because they're quality players. We'll be looking to dictate the game from the very beginning.'

The 31-year-old defensive midfielder also commented the following idea: 'It's obvious that it'll be a tough game for us, and perhaps for them; for us, because it's difficult for us to win on the trips and we can't just settle for home. I guess the spectators will show their anger towards them after what happened against Atlético de Madrid last Saturday [Atlético de Madrid 6-1 Sevilla FC].'

On the other hand, the Navarra native stated 'the team is capable of getting out of this situation and what we have to do in Seville is to show that we want to stay up in the Primera Division because it was really hard to get here. We have to take a step forward.' In addition, Eguaras recalled the game from the first half of the season when they beat the Sevillistas 2-1 at the Power Horse Stadium: 'We know that we can hurt them.'

In relation to the keys to the game, the former Real Zaragoza player argued: 'The first one to create the first threatening situation will scare the other team. We must be on the alert and fully involved over the full 90 minutes. It's not easy to win away from home. We need to be the best version of ourselves this Sunday.'