Chumi: 'We're going to pluck up courage against Barça'

The UD Almería central defender grew up at La Masía and assures 'facing the best players is a prize that will require us to give it all' at a pre-match presser ahead of Saturday's game in Barcelona


UD Almería are playing this weekend one of the big games this season at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium after their return to the top flight. 'Anything can happen in a football match. Our mentality is clear... taking something positive from there. We know that there are many of our fans who are coming to support us there and I assure you that we're going to pluck up courage as a gesture of gratitude' promised UD Almería centre-back Chumi.

Juan Brandariz Movilla 'Chumi', who landed at La Masía at the age of 15, has referred to the league meeting: 'It's always special to return to your previous home. I spent 6 years there and I have fond memories of my years at La Masía. My gratitude to Barça is eternal because it's where I grew up and I was trained as a footballer,' he said in the press room at the Power Horse Stadium.

The World Cup in Qatar is closer than ever but no player expects a rival conditioned by it: 'A World Cup is a competition that all the players want to play, but they're professionals and they'll be involved in the game. I reckon that FC Barcelona will go all out for a win from the off.'

When considering the keys to the match, the 23-year-old player indicated: 'It's clear that Barça have many offensive variants and also a lot of quality. They can do damage to you. Defensively, we must be well organised. Above all in those moments when we're sure, we'll be having a hard time so we have to work as a team.'

Chumi doesn't feel worry that much about the rivals' strengths: 'Facing the best footballers is always a reward. Lewandowski or Benzema will make us suffer more but at the same time, they'll demand us to give it our all and that isn't a punishment, quite the opposite.'