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Emotional tribute to UD Almería photographer Felipe Ortiz

Initiative launched by the Club's veterans team. Almería Mayoress María Vázquez, present at the event, will grant him the city's gold shield.

Not only UD Almería photographer Felipe Ortiz has captured the history of sport in Almería with his camera but also the development of other major events. After feeding countless images to many people, the media and institutions, he has been paid an emotional tribute, in which he has been supported by his family and friends... many friends.

The initiative was launched by UD Almería Veterans led by the Malpica brothers, Luis and Rafael, who organised a match between the Rojiblancos and another group made up of Felipe Ortiz's mates at the Rafael Andújar Field located in the neighborhood of Zapillo, although these were in both sets.

Many well-known familiar faces such as honoree's nephew José Ortiz; Fernando Soriano, who once again wore the UD Almería shirt with the No. 23 on its back; Esteban Navarro... and also Almeria Mayoress María Vázquez, who publicly told Felipe Ortiz that he would soon receive the gold shield of Almería, a well-deserved honour for an Almeria-born person as he is Rojiblanco through and through. Together with her, Councillor for Sports, Juanjo Segura, who also played the game; former directors such as Manolo García and Onofre Díaz; former international referee David Fernández Borbalán...

Felipe Ortiz took the honorary kick-off accompanied by one of his grandchildren and surrounded by his children and his wife. Previously, he received numerous awards from UD Almería, the Club's Supporters Federation, the UD Almería Veterans Association, and the organisers of this special tribute.

Felipe Ortiz could not contain his tears and got emotional on a day in which he was the centre of attention for the photographers.