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Women's Team

0-1: UD Almería Women beat CFF Cáceres ‘B’ Women: away from home

The Rojiblancas won in the Spanish region of Extremadura with a match-winning goal courtesy of Mar to escape relegation.

UD Almería Women dominated and fashioned a few chances through long balls that put CFF Cáceres Women ‘B’ in danger in the first half. Also, the Indalicas managed to keep a clean sheet by defending energetically. Over the course of these opening forty-five minutes, Lorena Herrera was forced off the pitch due to a blow to her shinbone; the extent of her unfortunate injury is not yet known.

After the break, the dominance of the Rojiblancas continued, despite the fact that Cacereñas had started out taking control of the game at the beginning of the second period but without creating threatening situations up front. At that moment, the set-piece match-winning goal from the Indálicas was scored. The free-kick on the side of the pitch was taken beautifully by Jessi who sent the ball at the far post where team-mate Mar finished off with a header to claim a 0-1 victory. From that moment on, UD Almería Women dug deep to take three massive points back home.

Match information:

UD Almería Women: Marion, Lucía, Mireya, Jessi, Paqui (Eva. 70’), Marisa (A. Moreno. 70’), Sara, Anita, Lorena Herrera (Carmen Peláez. 44’), Rocío and A Tejedor (Mar 55’).

CFF Cáceres Women: Allyson, M. Pérez (Corbacho. 80’), Sonia (Irene. 60’), Marta (Yolanda. 80’), Lucia, Esther, Marina, Ximena (Cecilia. 61’), Katsuki, Mari Carmen (Mari Angeles. 31’) and Arancha.

Goals: 0-1. Mar (73’).

Referee: Guillermo Conejero Sánchez (Extremadura). She booked visitor Anita París with a yellow card (76').

Observations: Matchday 18. Group II of the Segunda Division RFEF held at the Manuel Sánchez Delgado de Cáceres Fields. Pitch in good condition.