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0-0: UD Almería dominate Girona FC for large spells in great scoreless draw

The Rojiblancos, who retained possession with maturity, played one of the best matches so far this season against the LaLiga EA Sports revelation-team. The lack of pinpoint precision in attack prevented the Rojiblancos from achieving a more than deserved victory

A match doesn't need goals to be great. UD Almería were close to achieving the first victory of the season but, once again, it was not possible. The lack of pinpoint precision in attack and the good saves by goalkeeper Gazzaniga prevented the Rojiblancos from scoring a more than deserved goal. It was almost a perfect game, the only thing missing was the goal. The hosts left the revelation-team of the Primera Division harmless and managed to keep a clean sheet against the top scoring side this campaign.

The UD Almería starting XI presented several new faces with respect to previous matches, highlighting significant changes in the defensive line. Mr Garitano chose to place Edgar as a defensive midfielder, introducing Chumi as a centre-back. Maximiano remained in goal, while Lopy and Robertone lined up in the midfielder EmbarbaArribas and Léo Baptistão were in the attacking zone. It should be highlighted that the inclusion of Chumi left Ramazani without a starting spot.

The opening minutes looked promising, demonstrating attacking dominance in the Girona FC area and retaining control of the ball. In the 11th minute, Arribas was about to open the scoring with an explosive shot from the edge of the box, requiring a dive from Gazzaniga to block the goal. Despite the reaction of the Catalan outfit, the Rojiblancos did not allow the visitors to take control and continued to dictate the pace of the match.

With 35 minutes on the clock, UD Almería team had another opportunity to take the lead. Akieme crossed in cleverly and on the goal line, Arribas and Embarba rushed towards the ball, but a misunderstanding between the pair caused the ball to be lost over the goal line. Shortly after, Edgar also tried his luck through a solo play, although his shot was narrowly deflected. Neither side found a breakthrough at the break (0-0).

In the second half, everything remained the same and the Indálicos continued to create chances and dangerous threats against the Blanc-i-Vermells who seemed harmless. The home team did not cease their efforts to find the back of the net and tried by all possible means, but their lack of pinpoint accuracy deprived the Almeriensistas of netting a more than deserved goal. 

As the match went on, UD Almería's attacks became wilder. They also managed to keep a clean sheet -Maximiano showed good gloves- against the top scoring team in the entire Primera Division as they left the revelation-team of Spanish football without ideas. 

Some solid showings and grit despite being far away from securing league survival gave the Rojiblancos' fans refreshed hope as they all chanted: 'Sí, se puede' ('Yes, we can'). In short, UD Almería played brilliantly but missed what they needed most, scoring a goal... It was a goalless stalemate against the LaLiga EA Sports co-leaders with Real Madrid CF. This result would be wonderful if Garitano's side found themselves in a different position in the table, however, given the team's current situation, it is a hard blow and even more so after seeing that the first victory of the season escaped them one more time. Plenty of endeavour but no reward yet...

Once inicial UD Almería
El Almería tuvo el control del partido en todo momento
Maximiano estuvo muy seguro y mantuvo su portería a cero
Los almerienses buscaban el gol por todos los medios, pero sin fortuna
Luis Suárez reapareció tras su lesión
Melero también volvió tras su lesión
El equipo lo dio todo hasta el final, pero una vez más se fue de vacío
Match summary
UD Almería
UD Almería
Power Horse Stadium
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Girona FC
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Match officials
Mateo Busquets Ferrer
Gonzalo García González
Asier Pérez de Mendiola González de Durana
Néstor Holgueras Castellanos
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