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UD Almeria Code of Ethics

This is the good governance code of ethics for UD Almeria that was approved by the Club Board on 13th June 2016


UD Almeria is dedicated to conducting its business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. The appropriate management of a sporting association such as UD ALMERIA and its FOUNDATION requires the establishment of mechanisms serving not only to achieve the objectives inherent in its main activity, the attainment of sporting excellence, but also to ensure that the system employed for this purpose fully complies with corporate good business practice. 

UD Almeria SAD aims to establish the values that should guide the behaviour of all its employees, managers and collaborators of all kinds. As the entity understands, its administration and representation must respond to ethical values ​​that are inherent to the social nature itself and to the values ​​that sports practice must entail.

The Code of Ethics and conduct of UD Almeria sets out a set of rules of conduct and good governance of our Club, which must be observed by the Club in the performance of its professional responsibilities, and which will be applicable to all personnel, particularly members of the Board of Directors and senior management. 

Scope of application 

The Code of ethics is aimed at and applies to all club professionals, managers and employees, regardless of the type of professional or contractual relationship, the position they occupy or the place in which they carry out their work, as well as all its subsidiaries, agents, suppliers, followers, contractors, clients and all those with whom the Club has daily dealings.

Reflection of our values and attitudes


1.1 The performance of the representatives of the Club must be in accordance with the provisions of the laws and rules of the national defence, promotion and sports organisations.

1.2 The representatives of the Club have the duty of good heritage management, with honest management and always based on the interests of the club.

1.3 The actions carried out by the representatives of the club must only pursue the interests of the club, so they must avoid the dissemination of news that may harm the image of the club.

1.4 The senior officials will be especially rigorous in carrying out representation expenses, managing in a very strict way the expenses on restaurant meals, trips and invitations to parties, limiting these expenses to the essential minimum and always for the club's needs.

Integrity and Ethics

The activities to be carried out by the UD ALMERIA SAD will always be guided following the strictest standards of ethics, respect and with the utmost integrity. All those linked to the Club, be they workers, athletes or third parties, are obliged to carry out their activities following the highest ethical standards, being honest and inspiring trust, with consistent and unwavering behaviour, and acting with the utmost respect for compliance with the rules and their protocols.

2.1 Employees must respect the interests of UD ALMERIA, S.A.D. in the relationships that they maintain with the Club's suppliers and clients, without being able to take advantage of their condition to obtain from them any personal benefit, for themselves or for third parties. Likewise, employees agree not to undertake relations with companies or individuals that are known to be in breach of the General Principles and Values ​​of this Code of Ethics.

2.2 It is strictly prohibited and it will be considered a concurrent or competing activity that employees provide any type of paid service in favour of the Club's customers or suppliers.

2.3 The employees will be especially rigorous in the performance of representation expenses, managing in a very strict way the expenses in meals in restaurants, trips and invitations to parties, limiting said expenses to the essential minimum and always for the needs of the Club.


Moreover, UD Almeria have a whistleblowing channel, in order to report any breaches or activities contrary to the good practices that the company defends in its Code of ethics. This whistleblowing channel is confidential and protects all employees who report in good faith. All whistleblowing referrals are confidential and will be treated sensitively. The information and complaints received are managed by the Supervisory Body for Compliance of UD Almeria SAD.

Monitoring and Modification of the Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics reflects the practices that, although not formally regulated previously, have been carried out in the Club. The Code of Ethics will be constantly monitored and periodically reviewed to ensure its adaptation to the conditions of each moment.