‘Turki Al-Sheikh is in good spirits waiting for his operation next week’

Mohamed El Assy reviews the current affairs of the club. He claims that they have not pressured any player. Almeria on the wait to LaLiga’s resolution


Mohamed El Assy, the UD Almería’s CEO, has reviewed the current affairs of the club and clearly answered all the questions without beating around the bush. 

The first issue discussed was the UD Almeria’s owner and President health conditions, Turki Al-Sheikh. In this regard, he explained that ‘he is in good spirits. He will be operated on next week and is currently under the supervision of doctors. We hope everything goes well’. 

Mohamed El Assy was questioned about the transfer budget to splurge on players this January transfer window. The UD Almeria’s Chief Executive Officer wanted to make it clear that ‘we keep a good relationship with LaLiga’. Then, he pointed out that ‘we bought the club in a very short time and with the season about to kick off. We have had to adapt to everything, from how the Spanish football work to the regulations of LaLiga. We are still waiting for an answer’. 

In this regard, he indicated that ‘we have sold several players. Their names will be announced shortly, and we are waiting for LaLiga’s assessment’. On the same note, he said that ‘our idea is to sing four or five players, and we have already hired two, so three are still missing’, always waiting for LaLiga’s approval. After strengthening the goal and the middle third, our aim is now building the defensive and offensive thirds up’. 

On the other hand, Mohamed El Assy stated that ‘in recent days the media have published different news that are not true at all. We have no objections to clarify things or give anyone information to the media. We are open to discuss anything as I said from day one’. 

The Almeria’s CEO referred to the newspaper Diario As, in which it was pointed out that the club was pressing players to quit the team. Mohamed El Assy said that ‘we have not pressured any player. We asked the players if they had to make any complaint, and all of them said no. We have talked to AFE and there are no complaints. It's all very weird’. Next, He added that ‘we let them know about the possible transfers and they decide afterwards’. He also added in this regard that ‘the offers triple their current salaries… I don't think that with these conditions we have to put pressure on anyone’.