0-3: Almeria ‘B’ succumb to home defeat against direct rivals

Absences and time of inactivity took their toll on the UDA Academy players in a match with Huétor Tájar claiming victory with 3 first-half goals


UD Almería ‘B’ succumbed to a home defeat in their first match of 2022. The young Rojiblancos faced direct rivals Huétor Tájar and would suffer greatly from the high number of absentees as well as the long time without competing. After a goalless opening, the UD Almeria ‘B’ contenders lacked the cutting edge and were trailing before half-time by three goals. Unfortunately, nothing changed in the second part at Juegos Mediterráneos.

Óscar Fernández and his boys faced the league appointment under a long absentee list as a result of bookings—Lokosa and Carlos Rojas— injuries and Covid-19. The head coach named a total of 5 Under-19 ‘A’ footballers, Gabi Martínez being the only one who started from the off in a starting XI with Obón included; Vertiz, Ginés, David Cuenca, Fermín, Aitor Puñal, debutant Avelino, Kevin Bautista, Jean Marco and Hugo Neves were in contention for the big game.

Two sides that fought to death to take control of the clash were seen under the Juegos Mediterraneos’ lights. The Indálicos ‘B’ team were the first ones to fire a warning in the 7th minute, Gabi Martínez found a space behind the defence, yet his shot was blocked by the goalie. Immediately afterwards, it would be the lads from Granada who bothered the home team’s keeper with a fine attempt by Ramiro from long range in which Obón responded in a sensational way.

After this distribution of opportunities, there was plenty of activity around the centre circle. It was then when Huétor Tájar went ahead through a delivery into the area that Ginés put inside his own goal in his effort to avert danger on 23 minutes (0-1).

Huétor Tájar gained momentum when they saw themselves in front. The UDA youth team found it very difficult to reach the opposing box and enjoyed the chance to equalise soon. It was an uphill struggle for the young Rojiblancos when, after 36 minutes, Malano made it 0-2 scoring the rebound thanks to the crossbar in a previous direct free-kick.

The Almería ‘B’ players did not seem to be at the races as the numerous absences and the time of inactivity were creating many more difficulties. Malano scored again to put his side 0-3 up before the break.

Goalie Obón avoided the fourth with a superb save in the second period which was less fast-paced than the first. One of the highlights was Under-19 ‘A’ Hugo Rodríguez making his debut. Later, Sergi followed suit. 

The goal did not come for the UD Almeria ‘B’ hopefuls who ended up suffering a  tough defeat (0-3) against direct rivals Huétor Tájar.

Match information

UD Almeria ‘B’: Obon; Vertiz, Ginés, David Cuenca (Sergi, 85’), Fermín, Aitor Puñal, Avelino (Andrei, 66’), Kevin Bautista, Jean Marco (Abel, 85’, Hugo Neves, Gabi Martínez (Hugo Rodríguez, 66’)

CD Huetor Tajar: Adri; Edu, Gadea, David, Sergio, Lolo, Juanje (Sera, 69’), Joaquín (Álex, 85’), Ramiro (Del Moral, 79’), Utrilla (Esteban, 69’) and Malano (Carrillo , 79’).

Goals: 0-1, 23’: Gines (OG). 0-2, 36’: Malano. 0-3, 42’: Malano.

Referee: López Romero from the Jaén Referees School. He booked Gabi Martínez, Aitor Puñal and David Cuenca from UD Almería ‘B’, as well as Joaquín from CD Huétor Tájar.

Observations: Matchday 18. Tercera Division RFEF (Goup IX). The match was played at the Juegos Mediterráneos Stadium and was attended by approximately 100 spectators.