0-1: A leaders’ dramatic victory at El Molinón

It was a just reward for the Rojiblancos’ industrious performance. Lazo grabs a last-gasp winner sparking euphoria


UD Almería achieved one of those leaders’ victories at El Molinón thanks to an industrious performance that received its just reward in the final stage. The Rojiblancos were slowly growing into the game within a highly competitive clash against hosts Real Sporting de Gijón.  Pozo and Sousa teamed up and the latter provided Lazo with a great assist, whose last-gasp winner sparked euphoria on the Indálicos bench as this was the fourth win on the bounce to remain LaLiga SmartBank leaders.

El Molinón Stadium welcomed new faces in the UD Almeria teamsheet with Fernando ;Pozo , Carriço, Babić, Centelles; César de la Hoz, Samú Costa, Curro, Appiah, Portillo and Sadiq in action.

Sporting de Gijón came flying out of traps looking more comfortable and witnessing some Indalicos’ inaccuracies. With 11 minutes on the clock, Fernando had to snuff out the danger created by Djuka. At that moment, Carriço was forced off after sustaining an injury. He felt a prick in the back of his thigh in his effort to clear. Chumi replaced him.

It was as the encounter progressed when UD Almeria felt better vibes. There were some goal-scoring opportunities at the hands of Rubi's side and even a goal from Sadiq, which wasn’t recorded in the scoreboard as the assistant referee considered that the Nigerian attacker was adjusted to be offside.

With half an hour gone, it was clear that this was an end-to-end match with both teams whipping in chances and attacking each other. The clearest of those opportunities was enjoyed by the Asturianos in a counter-attack led by Fran Villalba so Fernando made a smart stop to push away the Valencian’s strike.

The second half saw the Rojiblancos putting in the graft. It is true that the Sporting de Gijón goalie did not have to intervene that much but within 58  minutes, it was the woodwork that prevented Curro’s fine effort. 

Seeing that spaces were being created, Rubi introduced refresh players. Juanjo Nieto and Lazo came on for Appiah, who was giving his all at all times, and Curro. In this way, Alejandro Pozo operated as a winger when the right-back was brought in. A few minutes later, subs Arnau and Dyego Sousa entered the game while Portillo and Sadiq were benched. 

UD Almeria continued to add more energy and forward drive to get their fair prize. So much so that Centelles fired a warning shot in the 88th minute and the Northerners’ keeper had to make a good save. The Rojiblancos believed until the end and Lazo’s last-gasp winner  won it for his team thanks to link-up duo Pozo and Dyego Sousa (0-1).

A leaders’ dramatic win -the fourth victory on the bounce- was celebrated at El Molinón following a superb second half display to remain league pacesetters.

J14 LaLiga SmartBank

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  • D. Mariño
  • Juan Berrocal
  • Babin
  • Bogdan Milovanov
  • Pablo García
  • José Gragera
  • Pedro Díaz (93')
  • F. Villalba
  • Aitor G. (53')
  • Gaspar Campos (77')
  • Djurdjevic


  • Kravets
  • P. Pérez (94')
  • Cuéllar
  • Nacho Méndez (78')
  • Borja López
  • Marc Valiente
  • Rivera
  • Alberto González
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez (54')
  • Fernando
  • Álex Centelles
  • Babic
  • Carriço (13')
  • Pozo
  • Arvin Appiah (64')
  • Samuel Costa
  • Curro (64')
  • Portillo (75')
  • C. de la Hoz
  • Umar Sadiq (75')


  • Javi Robles
  • Makaridze
  • Dyego Sousa (76')
  • Iván Martos
  • Raul Caballero
  • Sergio Akieme
  • Lazo (65')
  • Arnau Puigmal Martínez (76')
  • Chumi (14')
  • Fuoli
  • Juanjo (65')


El Molinón-Enrique Castro "Quini"


  • 0-1 (93'). Lazo


Álvaro Moreno Aragón awarded Pablo García (83') from Real Sporting y Umar Sadiq (73'), Lazo (94') from UD Almería.