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"With this victory we have taken a weight off our shoulders, especially at home"

José María Gutiérrez, ‘Guti’, considered the victory of his team fair and highlighted the good attitude of the players.

José María Gutiérrez, ‘Guti’, head coach of the UD Almería, achieved his first victory as a rojiblanco
coach after two draws in previous matches. He also considered that ‘with this win we have taken a
weight off our shoulders, especially playing at home’. The coach of the Almeria group said at today’s
press conference that ‘we have played a really complete and good first half, we have scored two
goals and even we managed to increase the lead. Then, in the second half, we competed and played
to our strengths. In addition, he mentioned, ‘we played in numerical inferiority once Petrovic was
sent off and some players played through pain, but the victory was all that mattered’.

The UD Almeria manager surprised with many changes that he put into action in the starting eleven.
He was asked if it had been a revolution, to which he replied that ‘I don't consider it that way. I have
chosen the team that I thought could best do it against Numancia. I really appreciate the attitude
and work of the players. The triumph has been fair and I hope this is only the beginning’.