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‘We’re working well and we’re pretty sure that we’ll get to the first matchday ready for whatever may come’

Pablo Siles highlights the UD Almeria second-team’s excitement ahead the start of the 2020/21 campaign

‘The players are working well; there is a high level of motivation to get this year started’, as Pablo Siles, homegrown player of the UD Almería B team, expressed during a conversation with the club's official media. He assured that the youth players are finishing getting the team ready and eager to face the first matchday against Mancha Real.’

The native footballer of Motril (Granada) has no doubt that Almería B will once again bet on an idea of ​​cheerful football, since, in his opinion, there is ‘a very complete squad’ in the Academy team as a whole. In addition, as he commented, the friendlies that are being played’ are excellent not only to play minutes but also to get to know your team-mates’. In this sense, he exclaimed: ‘We are pretty sure that we’ll get to the first matchday ready for whatever may come.’

Pablo Siles, who has been on loan for the last two seasons, will get the 2020/21 season started playing for Almería with a ‘burning desire to succeed.’ On this subject, he explained: ‘So to speak, this is the last bullet that I have left to face a season.’ All this with the idea of ​​being able to meet the objectives collectively.’

The 22-year-old midfielder from Granada experienced last season a promotion to Segunda Division B -third-tier of Spanish football- wearing the Linares Deportivo shirt. Thus, he pointed out some keys to be able to go through the season and achieve a long-term goal as ambitious as that: ‘It is a matter of weekly hard work. We have to be strong at home and we have to know at all times what kind of game we are playing whenever we are on a trip.’

In line with the comments mentioned above, Siles highly recommends that the homegrown players ‘do not back down’ during official matches, since ‘footballers competing in Tercera Division are rather strong.’ Nonetheless, he does not question the Rojiblanco squad’s capabilities. ‘We have a big team and when it comes down to intensity, we have to be on a par with opponents. If we do so, the balance will surely swing in our favour’, he concluded.