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‘We have played a really competitive match’

Mario Silva defines the 2-all draw with mid-table Mirandés as a kind of defeat, although he highlights the numerous chances created by Almería

Mario Silva made it clear when it comes to acknowledging that the 2-all draw with Mirandes ‘tastes like defeat’, since ‘we have not been able to find the net more times considering the big chances we have created.’

The member of the coaching staff stressed that Almería attended Anduva's appointment ‘with the hope of winning the three points.’ Thus, he expressed his feeling that ‘we did not achieve them due to lack of efficiency.’ Not surprisingly, as he has reflected, the Rojiblancos scored two stunning goals, but ‘it could have been three or four.’

That situation of having created chances, Mario Silva looked on the bright side after ‘a game in which we have faced strong rivals.’ In this sense, he added: ‘We have not achieved the three points due to lack of efficiency.’

UD Almería were unquestionably dominating the match, in which the last play was key to the final result. For this reason, Silva stated: ‘I take responsibility for the tie because with one more player and in the last minute we cannot afford to concede a goal in the last minute. We have to improve that.’

The member of the backroom staff also explained that it will be necessary to improve taking into consideration solving the errors of the second-half. In turn, as a general conclusion, the Portuguese stated: ‘I think we have played a really competitive game, we have fought and we created big chances. We did not win, but the vibes are good.’

Mario Silva answered questions related to Almería's goal and pointed out: ‘As long as it is possible during these six games left, we are looking forward to gaining promotion to the top flight. Let's make it. Actually, that is why today we consider it as a defeat because whoever wants to be in an automatic position spot can’t let the opponents scored a goal like today’s.’

On the other hand, thinking about the next game, he only thinks about ‘breaking their hoodoo after losing the last two home games.’ In this regard, Silva concluded: ‘We are going all out for a win,’ he concluded.