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‘We are very capable of making the cut and compete to the fullest’

The UD Almeria goalie Fernando Martínez explains the keys to success towards the season restart on UDA Radio

Fernando Martínez spoke on UDA Radio about the imminent return to action: ‘We are not feeling nervous but it is true that we have very demanding eleven games to end the season. We know that fixtures are coming thick and fast. This is also going to change a lot because the dynamics before the break are not going to do any good. Football is now full of considerable uncertainties so the teams who manage these circumstances better will be the ones to succeed,’ he explained to the Club's official radio station.

It goes without saying that the remainder of the 2019/20 season is going to be undoubtedly very different for all the clubs. In this regard, he pointed out the following: ‘Two weeks might be crammed with four or five games, so you can either win or lose everything and therefore, you can neither enjoy victory nor regret defeat. Everything will happen swiftly and we won’t be able to look back on the previous game. Once you play a game, you will have to move on and focus on the next one.’

The 29-year-old keeper expressed his burning desire to return to action: ‘For better or worse, football sparks off heated debate and now there will be no time to talk about the last game because we will have the next one three days later. We won’t be able to disconnect and mental toughness training is as important as physical fitness. The ability to stick to something when the going gets tough is going to be fundamental to cope with all the pressure.’

In addition, the Murcia-born goalkeeper explained ‘the unquestionably economic and social impact of football worldwide. In my humble opinion, football will also come in handy to enjoy watching games on telly and disconnect from the daily routine after the difficult months that we all have gone through.’

LaLiga SmartBank officially resumes this Wednesday with the match in Vallecas that was postponed in its day: ‘In addition to the fact that our first rivals are playing before we do, all of us will have the chance to watch this game. All of us who are passionate about football were looking forward to the league’s return. To be honest, I have never played a game behind closed doors and I don't know what that strange feeling will be like. We must stay focused on our roles in games.’

When it comes to the keys to success, Fernando told UDA Radio: ‘keeping possession of the ball and playing well will be our football style. After a long time without competing, those who least take risks will be those who adapt best… We have been preparing ourselves to compete to the fullest and we are very capable of making the cut from the beginning.’