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‘We are on the right track and looking forward to the matches’

Darwin Núñez stated that ‘my team-mates are strongly committed and looking forward to competing again’

As the return of LaLiga SmartBank approaches, Darwin Núñez spared some time to speak to the club’s official media and highlighted on UDA Radio that ‘we have to be solely focused on the eleven remaining games to achieve our goal.’ The Uruguayan striker said also that the Almería team are showing good form. ‘We are training very well. I can tell you that my team-mates are strongly committed and looking forward to competing again’, he added.

The 22-year-old footballer expressed his belief that the training sessions are causing the team to be ‘on the right track.’ However, in the attacking player’s opinion, ‘nothing worth having comes easy. I can assure you that we are fighting for promotion to Primera Division on our own merits.’ For this reason, Darwin sent a clear message: ‘We are going to do our very best on the pitch and I believe that everything will turn out well. Hopefully, we can move up to Primera.’ 

Darwin Núñez also referred to the high temperature the team are suffering that is characterising the UD Almería’s training sessions. Nonetheless, as some of his team-mates have already mentioned, he has not hesitated to underline the need to get used to it ‘even though the matches are going to take place at night, the high temperature will be present.’

On a personal level, the Uruguay native striker is in good physical condition. In this sense, he explained: ‘When I spent some time in Uruguay in lockdown, I did train. I was lucky I had the possibility of getting a teacher who could help me with my preparation and I am pretty sure that I’ll be fine during the matches which are yet to come.’

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Darwin Núñez scored a goal at the Juegos Mediterráneos Stadium in the victory over Deportivo de la Coruña. Now, the player cannot wait to show his skills and effectiveness to get on the scoresheet. When he was asked about his favourite goal ever scored wearing the Almería’s jersey, his decision was a no-brainer ‘the one scored against the Galicians because my persistence helped me find the net.’