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‘We are getting more and more in tune with each other’

Tomás, one of the captains of Almería B, states that the team are increasing the pace ahead of the championship start

‘We are getting more and more in tune with each other’, this is what Tomás Cruz, one of the captains of the UD Almería B team, expressed during a conversation with the club's official media in which he analysed their pre-season. That being so, he highlighted: ‘Daily work is paying off. We can’t wait to start.’

The UD Almería Academy midfielder is very clear about the fact that the dressing room are ‘keeping up pace towards the season kick-off’, which is definitely going to be demanding. ‘The sides we will compete against within our subgroup are very competitive. I played several seasons in Tercera Division and all of the teams are quite strong’, he stressed.

Tomás will play a special role over the course of this upcoming campaign so that he is looking forward to ‘helping the squad and his new team-mates who are coming to the city, as well as the Under-19s to adapt quickly’. In his opinion, ‘there is a big gap between the Under-19s league and Tercera Division.’

The Granada-born footballer also pointed out that Fernando Santos, ‘Nandinho’, is conducting training in line with that of the past 2019/20 season. Thus, he pointed out: ‘We are actually a happy team. We’re going to try to take the initiative to dominate the game, have the ball under control and try to win all the games to achieve the goal of promotion.’

In fact, Tomás Cruz referred to the fact that some players in the current squad of the Almeria second-team had experience competing in Segunda Division B -third-tier of Spanish football- in which ‘things didn’t turn out all right as we expected.’ This is a significant factor that, together with the team-mates who are joining in, did not help them ‘focus on the goal’ and that led the midfielder to exclaim: ‘I'm pretty sure that this time, we’re going to make it.’