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UD Almería new head coach Vicente Moreno gets straight to work

The Rojiblancos' gaffer, who participated with the players in various parts of the training session, focused on improving tactical awareness in the second day of pre-season grind

UD Almería new head coach Vicente Moreno is now putting his players through their paces in the second day of pre-season grind. It has been only two days and the Rojiblancos' gaffer is instilling in his footballers the style of play that he wants them to display on the pitch, but if there is one thing that defines this coaching staff is hard work and hight intensity. Furthermore, Vicente Moreno is fully involved with his players and in different parts of the training, he has become one more squad member. 
Tuesday's practice has been held at the Anexo training pitch and in the medical room, were the same footballers as last Sunday were present. At the moment, the new UD Almería head coach has twenty-five players in action while  waiting for those internationals, who have been away with  their national teams, to arrive: Samú Costa, Babić, Largie Ramazani and El Billal Touré. 
The training session has been marked by huge effort and high intensity under sweltering heat. Ball work has been the main focus along with physical fitness and tactics. In addition, the backroom team have always been encouraging and supporting their players: 'Don't stop running, don't stop fighting, don't stop working.' Similarly, players fought until the end of every drill, referring to the enornous importance of the last minutes in matches. The coaching staff members have also insisted on the importance of being attentive to the rebounds from the goalkeeper, among many other aspects.
This week, the squad has double sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; one on Tuesday evening and another one on Saturday morning. Thursday will be a day off.
Chumi relizando ejercicios físicos
Vicente Moreno participó en el entrenamiento con los jugadores
La sesión contó con ejercicios de finalización a portería.
Mucho protagonismo del balón en el entrenamiento
Arnau trata de marcharse de Pozo 
Obón, del filial, volvió a ser participe del entrenamiento
La sesión fue muy física y de mucha exigencia