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UD Almería's pre-season gets underway!

The Rojiblancos undergo their fitness tests and medicals at the Vithas Hospital and at the Power Horse Stadium. Nico Melamed, César Montes and Marc Pubill were absent

UD Almería's have officially started the 2024/25 pre-season with the first-team players undergoing to different tests and medicals that have been carried out both at the Vithas Hospital and at the Power Horse Stadium. This has been the start of another ambitious LaLiga Hypermotion project in a bid to return to the top flight of Spanish football again. 

The main developments focus on the coaching staff, since as it is already known, head coach Rubi will be in charge of leading the team as he did in the previous promotion and subsequent Primera safety, a great achievement indeed. 

Regarding the squad, the majority of the members remain as they have contracts. Gui Guedes, Kaiky, Arnau Puigmal, Appiah, Šviderský and Mendes, who have been on loan, have returned to undergo medicals. In addition, Bruno and Marezi, who later earned promotion with UD Almería 'B', have rejoined their team-mates. The rest of the players who have started the pre-season are Maximiano, Fernando, Pozo, Chumi, Edgar, Radovanović, Alex Centelles, Bruno Langa, Robertone, Baba, Lopy, Melero, Arribas, Jonathan Viera, Ramazani, Embarba, Léo Baptistão, Koné and Luis Suárez 

In total, 27 players without forgetting three important absences for different reasons: Nico Melamed, recently signed from RCD Espanyol de Barcelona, who is on holiday since the pre-season ended late due to the promotion play-off games; César Montes, who until a few days ago was competing with the Mexico squad in the Copa América, as well as Marc Pubill, who is away on international duty with the Spanish Olympic team. 

The players who have reported to the Power Horse Stadium this Monday morning for pre-season, underwent blood tests before medicals in the cardiology unit with electrocardiograms, cardiac ultrasound, ergometry, a complete heart check-up. One more year, prestigious cardiologist Rafael Sola Casado, with more than 37 years of experience, has been in charge of carrying out the check-ups. In the Power Horse Stadium medical room, the Club's team of physiotherapists have also been working with the footballers. Initially, they emphasised fitness and conditioning to ensure all players are physically ready before more intense tactical sessions. The progress of each player will be closely watched by the backroom team as they develop individualised programmes.

The squad members were divided into groups, and while some were undergoing medicals at the hospital, others had fitness tests at the Stadium.

43 days after the team went on holidays after the win over Cádiz CF on 25th May, the 2024/25 pre-season has officially started and there are five hectic weeks ahead before the second-tier LaLiga Hypermotion kicks off in August.

This Tuesday, the medicals and check-ups will be completed in the morning, a training session will be delivered on the Anexo training pitch in the afternoon.

Los jugadores han comenzado la jornada realizándose analíticas de sangre
Fernando se prepara para la pruebas cardiológicas
El doctor Rafael Sola habla con Luis Suárez
Alex Centelles en pleno reconocimiento
Bruno Langa con Cid Andrade en la sala médica del estadio
Radovanovic en pleno esfuerzo