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UD Almería veterans invited to charity tournament in Malaga

El Rincón de la Victoria will host the quadrangular tournament. Skipper Juan Carlos Portillo and team coordinator Luis Malpica attended the presentation

The UD Almeria veterans have been invited to participate in a charity tournament in the Malaga-based town of El Rincón de la Victoria on 15th April where the Rojiblancos, the hosts and the veterans of Málaga CF and a selection of Granada-based teams will be playing.

The tournament was recently presented in an event presided over by Malaga Provincial Council President and Mayor of El Rincón de la Victoria José Francisco Salado;  UD Almería skipper Juan Carlos Portillo as well as team coordinator Luis Malpica, represented the Rojiblancos.

UD Almeria veterans continue with their activity by taking part in charity tournaments and matches not only in the province of Almeria but also outside it. Since the team was created, they remain undefeated in all their performances so far.