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UD Almería U19 A participate in LaLiga Integrity Days

José Miguel Valdés from the Security area of ​​the Football Association has been in charge of talking to footballers and coaches about the values ​​that must prevail in football both on and off the pitch

The UD Almería Under-19s 'A' and coaches have participated in the Integrity Conferences developed by La Liga de Professional Football to raise awareness among athletes of the values ​​that should prevail in at all times in sport, both at the competition level and also off the pitch.

Juan Miguel Valdés Francisco, member of the Integrity and Security area of LaLiga spoke of fair play and respect as outstanding aspects in the practice of football, in addition to also delving into other sections of undoubted importance such as the good use of social networks, match-fixing and so on...

José Miguel Valdés, de LaLiga, durante su charla
Los jugadores y técnicos del juvenil A del Almería en las Jornadas de Integridad de LaLiga