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UD Almería U12 'A' live top-class experience in LaLiga FC Future

The UDA Academy youth side experienced an unforgettable competition. They beat Getafe CF and shared the spoils with Real Betis. They only missed one point to be in the quarter-finals

UD Almería Under-12s 'A' have played an extraordinary role in the XXXI LaLiga FC Futures that took place this weekend in Vila-Real. In the classic Brunete Tournament, now called the ASCALE National Tournament, the Rojiblancos finished fourth in Group C (FC Barcelona, ​​Getafe CF, UD Las Palmas, UD Almería, Real Betis Balompié) after one victory, one draw and two defeats; Except for Barça, who reached the quarter-finals after winning their four games, the competitiveness is the highest among the rest of the teams that finished with the same 4 points as the Almeriensistas, except for Real Betis, who finished with 3 points. 

UD Almería under-12s 'A' were among the 8 best teams in the Primera Division due to a better goal difference with their rivals or with just one more point. In fact, one of those who passed were Getafe CF, whom UD Almería U12s 'A' beat. 

This tournament, organised by the José Ramón de la Morena Foundation, has brought together the youth teams of the 20 teams that have played in the Primera Division this 2023/24 season at the La Cerámica Stadium, has already become a vital and sporting experience for the UD Almería youth players. 

This unforgettable experience shared with the rest of the football academies serves for the personal and competitive growth of a travelling youth squad, 


GETAFE CF 0-1 UD ALMERÍA U12 'A' (Gonzalo 0-1) 

REAL BETIS BALOMPIÉ 1-1 UD ALMERÍA U12 'A' (Jorge 1-0; Aaron 1-1) 

BARÇA 6-1 UD ALMERÍA U12 'A'. (Fode 1-0; Hugo 2-0; Fode 3-0; Leo 3-1; Derek 4-1; Derek 5-1; Álex 6-1) 

UD LAS PALMAS 2-0 UD ALMERÍA U12 'A'. (Izan, 1-0; Iker, 2-0)

Presentación del equipo Alevín A en el Estadio de la Cerámica
Imagen del primer partido del Alevín ante el Getafe con victoria rojiblanca
Miembro del staff rojiblanco animando al portero del Getafe CF
El Real Betis fue otro de los rivales que tuvo el Almería
El Alevín A frente a las mejores academias futbolísticas nacionales
En el futuro triunfarán jugadores que pasan por este tipo de torneos