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First Team

UD Almería participate in LaLiga Integrity Workshop

The players and coaches, both from the first team and the 'B' team, attended a lecture on sports betting and match-fixing

UD Almería has fulfilled their commitment to sporting integrity by participating in the Integrity Workshop organised by LaLiga. At this meeting, LaLiga Integrity Director Iñaki Arbea shared with the players and coaching staff, both from the first team and the 'B' team, an enlightening talk about sports betting and match-fixing. 

The workshop for the first team players took place just after training this Thursday, at the Power Horse Stadium facilities, while the 'B' team squad received the information in the conference room. Along with the players and the backroom team, representatives of the Club were present such as Lorena García and Rosa Mar Barea, responsible for Compliance at UD Almería. 

The importance of this workshop goes beyond an informational meeting. LaLiga and the clubs have a clear objective: to promote a culture of integrity in sport. It is crucial that players and coaches are fully aware of the threats posed by fraudulent practices in this area. LaLiga provides participants with knowledge about regulations, risks and reporting channels, strengthens the protection of sport against corruption and ensures transparency in the competition. 

UD Almería demonstrate their commitment to fair play and ethics in sport, while strengthening the collaboration between LaLiga and the clubs in the fight against any fraud in the world of football. 

Los jugadores del filial también asistieron a los Talleres de Integridad ofrecidos por LaLiga
Iñaki Arbea, Director del área de Integridad de LaLiga, es el que ha dado la charla a los jugadores