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UD Almeria Club statement on ticket sales

The Club apologises to the fans, understands their discomfort and will adopt measures so that these incidents do not occur ever again

UD Almería would like to publicly apologise to the fans who, due to different circumstances, were unable to obtain tickets last Monday for the game that the Rojiblancos are playing against AD Alcorcón at the Juegos Mediterráneos Stadium next Saturday, 21st May.

As usual throughout the season, the Club has put the seats on sale online and in person at the Club main offices. The first option could not be feasible since, as a consequence of the great demand, the programmed server on the website, which is external to UD Almeria, was blocked and although an attempt was made to solve the problem, it was impossible. UD Almería have already started to deal with it so that this unpleasant incident does not occur again in the future, regretting the problems that have been created for those fans who opted for online purchase.

UD Almería put 1,870 seats up for sale, which are not occupied by its season-ticket holders. They were insufficient for those people who queued up at the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium. The capacity is now rather small for the interests of our supporters, yet it is what currently exists. Be that as it may, they did detect some faults that the Club will change from now on, such as the number of tickets to be purchased by each person, which was quickly overturned, or the sale of seats to people who were wearing shirts from other clubs.

UD Almería are investigating the resale that is taking place to try to find the people who are acting with inappropriate and illegal conduct to bring it to the attention of the competent authorities.

UD Almería assume the mistakes that have occurred, understand the fans' discomfort and reiterate their sincere apologies, committing themselves to situations such as those experienced last Monday not to happen ever again.