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UD Almeria Club statement

The Board of Directors of UD Almería SAD announces that, following LaLiga's recommendations, as from Sunday, 9th August, it has been decided to start a team get-together at a hotel in Almeria until the end of the play-off competition, according to the criteria of health and safety protocol. The sole objective is to protect the squad and coaching staff from the risk of contagion of the Covid-19 as, unfortunately, has been observed in recent days across Spain. 

Following our responsible attitude, we are at those who fight for the truth disposal and always attempt to ensure all those members’ comfort and safety, as well as the protection of the football league show. Once again, we fulfil our role of respect and defence of our industry, our passion, which is football… And football is played on the field of play. It is up to us to do everything in our power to make this happen in a safe and dignified way. 

Finally, we would like to send our fans a heartfelt message: Let them know that we feel their anxiety, nervousness, passion and burning desire. We are prepared, fully psyched and we will make sacrifices for you. 

We want to fight until the very last moment and we need to feel by our side every minute on the way. We trust that you will continue to support us more and more until the end, always respecting all safety regulations.