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UD Almería Christmas Football Camp kicks off on 2nd January

About 50 boys and girls aged 5-15 will enjoy several activities ran by UD Almeria professionals for four days (2/3/4/5 January) at the 'Emilio Campra' Youth Stadium, concluding with an exciting tour of the Power Horse Stadium

The Christmas Football Camp organised by the UD Almería Foundation has kicked off on 2nd January with nearly 50 boys and girls bubbling with excitement and more than ready to live a unique experience as they learn will from the Club professionals. 

The activities, which will take place at the 'Emilio Campra' Youth Stadium, have been designed to improve or perfect their football skills and promote the values ​​of teamwork. Boys and girls will have the opportunity to participate in tailored training sessions, matches and fun games that will encourage the development of their technical and tactical skills. 

In addition to focusing on the sporting aspect, the initiative also seeks to promote healthy lifestyle habits. Participants will enjoy nutritious brekkies that will provide them with the necessary energy.

The 2023/24 Christmas Football Camp will conclude with a fun-filled visit to the Power Horse Stadium. An exciting tour of the Stadium will allow the young participants to see all the Club's facilities from the dressing rooms to the pitch.

Los niños y niñas aprendiendo de los profesionales de la UD Almería
Algunos de los participantes presentes en el campus
Las actividades se están desarrollando en el Estadio de la Juventud "Emilio Campra"