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UD Almería 'B' will face CD Toledo in play-offs final

Once again, the UDA prospects will have to knock out tough rivals and with the home advantage against them. The first leg will be held at the Power Horse Stadium at 12 noon this Sunday

UD Almería 'B' have learned their next rivals for the final for promotion to Segunda RFEF after the draw carried out in the RFEF has drawn them to another tough team, CD Toledo. The 18 teams that have entered this last round have shown enormous potential, however, the Toledo side belongs to Group 18 of Castilla La Mancha region and this raises the level again. 

The first leg has been set for 12 noon this Sunday, 16 June at the Power Horse Stadium. The second leg is yet to be determined and will take place on the weekend of 22-23 June in the town of La Mancha.

CD Toledo: fierce and competitive. This is a team anchored in Group XVIII and has finished third. During the regular season they have been characterised by being a solid team at home - only two defeats - and that they concede few goals - the second team with the fewest goals conceded. The Verde team has also demonstrated effectiveness in the two qualifying rounds passed until reaching the final. They beat Yugo Socuéllamos both in the first leg (1-2) and in the second leg (2-0). Later, they made use of his best qualifying position against Quintanar, with whom they managed to overcome a bad result in the first leg (1-0) at the Salto del Caballo Stadium (2-1), achieving a place in the final by resisting in extra time. As we have been pointing out, it was a pure and unconditional draw where the first ball, in this case that of UD Almería 'B', corresponded to the team that will have the home advantage against and that will therefore, play the first game in their stadium. 

This fact is important since, unlike the previous two knockout rounds, there will now be extra time and also penalties in the event of a tie. The team led by Alberto Lasarte has reached this final after two very tough qualifying rounds. Atlético Malagueño and Real Jaén CF were outplayed and defeated by UD Almería 'B' after three wins and a draw, or in other words, the youthful Rojiblancos are undefeated after playing against two rivals who had ranked better in the regular season.

El Almería B siguió en directo el sorteo después de su entrenamiento