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UD Almería B vs Atlético Malagueño: 'B' teams clash on the Anexo

The third ranked side against the fifth will be locking horns at 12 noon on Sunday in an encounter of the utmost importance for the future of the competition

The encounter between UD Almería 'B' and Atlético Malagueño scheduled for next Sunday (KO 12 noon) at the Anexo Power Horse Stadium promises to be a very tight match. The Academy Rojiblancos are preparing for this challenge with the clear objective of keeping the good results in the competition and continue to pick up points. 

The tight table does means that making a single mistake or having a setback will have consequences, since Atlético Malagueño are only one point away, occupying fifth position with 31 points, while the UD Almeria lads are placed in third place with 32 points. The gap in the standings will see two evenly-matched 'B' teams locking horns. 

On the one hand, Atlético Malagueño, eager to climb up positions in the table, will look to take advantage of this opportunity to leapfrog their direct rivals.

On the other hand, UD Almería 'B' are determined to defend their position and consolidate themselves at the top of the table.