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UD Almería 'B' reach grand finale in Jaén

The UDA Academy prospects won (1-2) and showed that they are going all out by eliminating another of the candidates for promotion. Cantón and Joan were the scorers. This Monday, draw for the final

UD Almería 'B' head coach Alberto Lasarte had pointed out in the preview of this match that 'the kids are getting their doctorate' and after winning in Jaén (1-2) in front of more than 10,000 supporters and with the result uncertain in the first leg, UD Almería 'B' graduated at the Nuevo La Victoria Stadium. 

This victory seals passage to the grand final with the security and confidence of continuing to dream big. A dazzling really Rojiblanco start and a resistance inappropriate for a dependent team mark the future of an intense and competitive knockout round. 


In the first three minutes of play UD Almería 'B' had already taken three corner-kicks and after 7 minutes, they had scored two goals. Cantón opened the scoring, cum laude in the play-offs with his third goal, and Joan extended their lead. Both goals netted within the small box. Unequivocal symbol of how UD Almería 'B' were pushing the rivals towards their own goal at the dawn of the match. In between there was a very clear chance that Neves failed to convert into another nail in the tie. He received a cross from the right wing and at the far post, he did not get the finishing right. Lasarte team's commanding display lasted exactly 22 minutes, at which time Real Jaén CF added two goals. Fernando, after a cross from Moyano and Adri after an assist from the former; two scares plus a twist in the script with Óscar Lozano's goal in the 26th minute. 

The former member of UD Almería 'B' connected with his head a play that was born from his buttocks in a goal kick by the visitors with a loss by Mendes after a ball from his goalkeeper, Bruno. The home team's goal drove the fans crazy and transformed the Rojiblancos, who had to start bailing out more water than necessary. 

Real Jaén CF came back to life with that goal and UD Almería 'B' rolled up their sleeves to reach the break with an advantage. The lads had to work hard in a crazy tie. Frantic. Out of control. Attack after attack. Fortune decided that in the 35th minute an exquisitely taken free-kick by Martos ended up hitting Bruno Iribarne's crossbar.

The break came with a warning signed by Neves, after a wall with Joan, and a chance from Adri Paz for Real Jaén CF. A brave first half ended in this very graphic way with a carousel of arrivals and with a minimal advantage in favour of Lasarte's side. Smell of gunpowder in La Victoria. The hosts are one goal away from changing everything; the visitors with the upper hand. 


It was Real Jaén CF who emulated the start of the Almería 'B' match with two very serious threats on Bruno's goal. This would be the one who made up for a bad ball delivery by his team-mates with a creditable point-blank save. Moments later, just in the 10th minute, Fernando was able to equalise with a shot inside the box that missed by an inch. The Almeriensistas woke up through a hand in hand with ValenMarezi won a ball back and assisted precisely but the rival keeper touched down after a very tight shot that could have further stretched UD Almería B's advantage. 

From this moment on, it was advisable to measure the risks given that a goal by UD Almería 'B' would definitively knock out Real Jaén CF, yet a goal from them would send the game to extra time with the home advantage lost. From the joy of chances in the opening half to the most uncomfortable rigidity in the second. Bruno Iribarne avoided problems. The clearest goal-scoring opportunity was in the 90th minute where the UDA Rojiblancos avoided the Jienense tying goal with the shield; literally, since a shot in the small area was cleared for a corner with the very chest. The hourglass was draining its last grains and no one sensed that the last strike was missing. In the 90+8', with the 11 Real Jaén CF players inside the visitors area to finish off a corner, Lasarte's outfit resisted on their feet and with the final whistle of the match each member of the UD Almería travelling squad celebrated the feat. Another victim. First it was the Málaga CF  'B' team and now, Real Jaén CF. Both ties had a home advantage factor against them and a total of 3 wins and a draw in the four matches played.

Match information:

Real Jaén CF: Javi Sánchez; Urtzi, Álvaro Muñiz, Fernando, Adri Paz; Mario Martos, Pablo de Castro, Javi Moyano, Migue García; Mauro, Oscar Lozano 

UD Almería 'B': Bruno; Peñalver, Mendes, René, Aarón; Peña, Joan, Cantón (80' Josema), Neves (61' Valen); Luís Lara (70' Marsu) and Rachad (61' Marezi) 

Referee: Cristian Naranjo Marín, from the Andalusian Referees association.

Game played at La Victoria Stadium. Second leg of the Segunda RFEF promotion play-off. 10,400 supporters in the stands.

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