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‘The table doesn’t exist now and the teams’ forces are at their maximum strength’

UD Almería head coach Rubi highlights ‘both teams have a lot to play for’

UD Almería head coach Rubi previewed the match against Albacete Balompié and stressed ‘the table doesn’t exist now; the moment of truth arrives at the end of the season when the teams’ forces are at their maximum strength. All the teams will give it their everything and we’re now improving. If our team achieves the level they have to achieve, we shouldn’t worry about what our adversaries do. 

When it comes to assessing what is at stake, the Catalan has also made it very clear: ‘We give the same importance to the game that Albacete can give it as both teams have a lot to play for. I expect a feisty match in which they will try to give continuity to their good victory over Ponferradina. We have to play with intelligence and know how to attack and defend without giving them any advantages. We want to give continuity to our last victory over Tenerife.’

The three points at stake will be vital for both second-tier sides on Matchday 39. UD Almería have not yet guarantee a place in the play-offs and they still have some chances to win automatic promotion. On this matter, Rubi stated ‘regardless of what the opponents have at stake, Almería have a lot to play for too. The four next rivals are staking everything on the remaining matches so we can’t slack off. We want to be three points off automatic promotion before we go to bed on Saturday. If this happens, this time we want to take advantage of it.’