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Women's Team

The City Council rewards UD Almería Women on International Women's Day

The Rojiblancas have received the sporting merit award that the Town Council awards every 8th March

UD Almería Women have been awarded by the Almeria City Council in the award ceremony ​​that takes place every 8th March on the occasion of International Women's Day. The Town Council has recognised the hard work carried out by UD Almeria Women as they have been able to increase their number of teams even in lower ranks despite the young age of some players in recent years and become a benchmark in women's football across the province of Almeria, achieving presence at a regional and national level as stated by Mayor Ramón Fernández Pacheco-Monterreal.

UDA Foundation President Lorena Garcia, UD Almeria Women skipper Anita Paris as well as footballers Fátima, Jessi and Eva have represented the girls squad during the event held at the Council Chamber.

Anita Paris has collected the sporting merit award, highlighting ‘all the players are really proud to be able to play under the name of the city and the province’ in each of the matches’ as they feel ‘the privilege of being able to represent all the women from Almería who couldn't play football in the past because there were no tiers in women’s football.’

The captain also thanked the Town Council for this official recognition and took the opportunity to send a heartfelt message to the Club for its unconditional support, to the fans who have attended the UD Almería Women's games every weekend since this team was created four seasons ago.’

‘We’ll carry on working hard to make all the women, who are passionate about this sport, feel proud; We’ll try to move up to the highest tier possible,’ concluded Anita París during her speech at the event organised by the Almeria City Council on International Women's Day.