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Lasarte: We're ambitious and must be winners at home

The UD Almería B head coach unpacks his thoughts on next rivals Arenas de Armilla, who are going to make it difficult, but he is confident that his players are strong on the Anexo pitch

UD Almería 'B' head coach Alberto Lasarte chatted to UDA Radio as he shared his thoughts on the current situation of the 'B' team, who return to action at home this Sunday. He analysed the next rivals in the league, Arenas de Armilla and highlighted: 'It's going to be complicated. It's a great team with talented players, but we're very strong on home soil. The team has already found their rhythm and kept pace with the competition, and we must be winners at home.'

Regarding his youth team's latest appointment, Mr Lasarte underlined: 'It's true that we have just started the league and, in the end, not losing away from home is always interesting for a 'B' team, even more in the first half of the season. Of course, if we look at that game, we created big chances and could have extended our lead more...In general terms, the team were very solid at the back, but 'There was a lack of finishing accuracy.'

The stats show that the UDA Academy's first team have not been defeated away from home yet and that, in a division like Tercera RFEF, is worth highlighting. On this subject, the youthful Rojiblancos gaffer made it clear: 'The only game they lost at home was the one against Juventud de Torremolinos CF, the team have tied away in every fixture and excluding that match on the Anexo, the lads have won everything here, but I've already told you that we're ambitious and we know that the games against El Ejido and CD Rincón, especially the second, were games that we had to win in relation to what we had seen on the pitch.' 

To conclude his catch-up with UDA Radio, Alberto Lasarte spoke about one of the main goals that the UDA Academy have set for themselves, which is to provide the senior team with young footballers: 'There are always players training with the top-tier team and now, with the issue of injuries and the FIFA virus, there's going to be a constant flow of players and I know that they're doing it well. Many youngsters will be travelling along with the UD Almería first team players for the Spanish Cup tie and we're all chuffed that they've met those objectives.'