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Press conference

Vicente Moreno: We know it's going to be a tough game, but we hope to enjoy it too

The UD Almería gaffer has confirmed to the media that a draw with Sevilla FC would be good enough, but he clarifies that they need to add three points

UD Almería head coach Vicente Moreno spoke to the journalists assembled in the press room at the Power Horse Stadium as he looked ahead to Tuesday's match against Sevilla FC. The Rojiblancos have had little time to prepare for the stern test and the gaffer has stated: 'If we would've had one more day of recovery to prepare for the match, it'd have been better, but it's the way it is.' Although he also stressed: 'When you come from not winning you can't wait to compete as soon as possible.' 

The man at the helm of the Indálicos senior team knows the importance of this midweek fixture against Sevilla FC and has made it clear: 'They force you to play a lot of the game in your own half because they cross a lot of balls into the area, they handle the second balls well and the high pressure after a loss of the ball.' 

The head coach is fully aware of the difficulty of facing the 'reigning Europa League champions' but made it clear: 'We're 2 points behind them.' Logically, Mr Moreno knows that it will be a game 'to suffer,' but at the same time he is confident that they can do things well, we can also enjoy.' Then, he added: 'We need to win and grab all three points, although going to Seville and adding a point would also be good.' 

To conclude his pre-Sevilla press conference, Vicente Moreno assured the media that he was calm and insisted on 'seeing this naturally' and also admitted: 'I feel valued and supported by everyone.'