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Rubi: ‘We’ve created enough chances to win, but the draw is fair’

The UD Almeria head coach praises the performance of his players and the strong support of the UD Almeria fans in Elche

‘We’ve created enough chances to win, but the draw is fair,’ stated UD Almeria head coach as he provided his post-match assessment of Monday’s in Elche. The head coach argued that ‘it’s been a highly competitive game and they’ve also created their chances, but it’s true that we deserved getting three points after playing away from home so well.’

Rubi also commented: ‘in the first half we’ve opted more to counter-attack and the truth is that if we had been better at counter-attacking we would’ve created more danger. Then, in the second period, I liked the team more because of the team’s short play and long balls with personality.’

The Indalicos' head coach spoke of the clear chances they had in Elche, but acknowledged that ‘the opponents also had them.’ He commented on the other hand ‘we’re building the team taking the defence into consideration which is being consistent and then growing in attack.’
Rubi valued the huge effort of his players and the high pace at which they had played despite only being competing on the second Matchday. He also praised the UD Almeria fans for their unwaverng support.