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Rubi: ‘We want to show our strength at home’

The head coach, who praises Real Zaragoza, asks the UD Almeria fans ‘to cheer on the team as if it were a final to reach 45 points’

UD Almeria head coach Rubi attaches great importance to this Saturday's game against Real Zaragoza because although all the matches are relevant, this time it is the last one to played at home in 2021. UD Almeria have just achieved three consecutive draws, including the Copa del Rey first-round tie and he believes that it is high time the team clinched another victory. On top of that, one of the teams with the best away form in the second tier are the next visitors, who have not lost away from home since Matchday 2. For this reason it is essential ‘that we are able to show our strength at home.’ If successful, UD Almería would be the only undefeated side on home turf over the course of the first round of the competition. In addition, a triumph would mean reaching 45 points in the table, a really significant number. 

The Rojiblancos will be playing at the Mediterraneo afte winning the symbolic ‘champions of the first half of the season’ title, something that Rubi values ​​positively: ‘we kind of celebrated it with a little burst of applause and although it may be something temporary, we’ll enjoy this Christmas as leaders. It’s a recognition of the hard work of the footballers, but it’s still early days... The UD Almería gaffer would like to go on holiday with the biggest possible advantage, which is why he expressed the importance of beating Real Zaragoza.

About the rivals he commented ‘we have great respect for them because they’re doing really well as evidenced by the fact that they’ve lost one match in the last sixteen. They always give it their all in the games and the truth is that it’s a team that I really like.’ He then added ‘They’ve only suffered three defeats like us. They scored a total of 17 goals and have 16 against. When you create danger, they show themselves resilient. They’ve only conceded more than one goal three times and they’re very dynamic. You have to know where and when to push forward because they keep long ball possessions and they like to be in control of the game. When it comes to attacking, we have to make them sit deep.’

Rubi expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the Rojiblancos’ fans for their unwavering support and took the opportunity to send them a message: ‘I’d like to ask you to give great importance to this match and cheer on the team as if it were a final to reach Christmas with at least 45 points.’ The Indalicos’ coach concluded ‘it’ll be the last home game of 2021  in front of them. They travel more and more as we saw them in great numbers in Águilas and Fuenlabrada. Their strong support was felt.’