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Rubi: 'The match should have ended up in a draw'

The UD Almeria head coach recognised that his team was not fine in attack, but they were great when defending and did not deserve to lose

The UD Almería head coach stated in the press conference after the match that 'the game was meant to end up in a draw, but in the end they were defeated.'

'I think the tie was the fairest thing, so we're leaving annoyed', said the gaffer. The UD Almería head coach is fully aware of what it's like to play in the Primera Division: 'We know we're going to suffer a lot, but we're also going to fight with everything.' In addition, he stressed 'We have to train the new signings.'

On the other hand, Rubi explained that everything had gone wrong for the Rojiblancos in Valladolid: 'We've taken everything, the cards, the injuries... Ely ended up with a broken nose and De la Hoz with a sprain.' But he clarified 'this is what they call fooball.'