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Rubi: ‘It’s unfair that we have to play this Sunday’

The head coach announces that he cannot count on 50% of his squad, mostly due to Covid, and that an attempt has been made to postpone the match

‘It’s unfair that we have to play this Sunday,’ regretted UD Almeria head coach Rubi ahead of Sunday’s home fixture against FC Cartagena (Matchday 22). The first game of 2022, which will also be the first reserve fixture, kicks off at 2pm (Spain Time).

On that note, the head coach argued ‘this week is just being disastrous. It doesn’t look like a normal week in which you’d prepare for a professional league game. There are new Covid-19 cases day after day and I’ve even come to consider suspending training. We cannot count on 50% of the squad at the moment and 80% is due to coronavirus. He then explained ‘for example, Babić was meant to have served a one-game ban against CD Lugo, but since that match was suspended, he has to comply with it now ... it seems everything’s going against us.’

Rubi acknowledged ‘we’ve tried to postpone the next game, but no has always been the answer. Even FC Cartagena have been fair to say that they understood this situation and they’d have no problem not playing if that were the case. I’d like to give a big shout-out to them.’

The UD Almería gaffer pointed out ‘I totally agree that everything possible be done to play, but we’re experiencing an exceptional situation and they should’ve acted differently. It's unfair that we have to compete like this.’ 

Rubi also indicated ‘they’re going to make us play so we’ll do everything possible to try to win.’  On this subject, he clarified ‘getting psyched up is vital so that this situation doesn’t affect us that much. The soldiers left in the squad are giving it their all and they’ll go all out for the three points.’

The unwavering support of the fans, as Rubi underlined, will be essential in a league meeting in which UD Almería will have to be epic because on top of that ‘an extraordinary well-worked team is coming. They’ve already demonstrated their quality and experience.’