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Rubi: ‘Great teams have been defeated in Burgos’

The UD Almeria head coach warns of the ‘difficulties’ of beating Saturday’s opponents at El Plantío Stadium and considers ‘set-pieces’ vital

In football almost everything is relative except the statistical data. The numbers leave little room for speculation and, with them in hand, UD Almería's next opponents are going to be a tough team to beat in relation to the words of UD Almeria head coach Rubi during his match preview: ‘Their results at home are just great. Only three teams won at El Plantío and no team has scored more than two goals there. It's spectacular at this stage of the season. They’re a recognisable team with a clear game idea and it's hard to find spaces to attack them. They usually manage an emphatic showing when they dominate the set-pieces,’ besides the gaffer recalled ‘there are important teams who have been defeated in Burgos.’

Rubi made it clear that the fact that Burgos CF have recently fulfilled their goal [avoid the drop] is a trap to avoid: ‘Players still have contracts and image at stake and today, fortunately, the eyes of the organisations ensure that sports conditions are normal. I expect difficult adversaries but we believe and I truly hope that we can win with attractive spells throughout the game.’

There are five more LaLiga SmartBank fixtures to go until the end of this proper inspiring competition and Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia ‘Rubi’ has said the following in this regard: ‘I’m realistic with my players. This isn't the final match. The players know that these three points can be essential but not definitive. A time has come when I’ve been a bit less demanding towards their level of motivation so that the players can focus on giving it their all without overthinking; this moment of the competition is all about coming out on the field, playing and trying your best to win without dwelling on it.’