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Arm-wrestle between Ramazani and Samú Costa in UEFA European U21

The Belgian and the Portuguese will be rivals in the European tournament. Babić will not go on holiday either as he has been called up by the Serbian squad

Largie Ramazani and Samú Costa have finished the season celebrating league survival with UD Almería, but for them there are no holidays at the minute as they are going to continue playing European football with their national U21 teams. Both will feature in the final phase of the UEFA European U21 and if they are not only team-mates but also good friends, now they will arm-wrestle this summer before the pre-season. The draw has decided that Belgium U21 and Portugal U21 will be fighting in the same group. No doubt this will be an incentive for the UD Almería fans now that there is no Spanish football.
The upcoming tournament is taking place in Georgia and Romania from 21st June to 8th July. In addition, the Georgia U21 and the Netherlands U21 will also enter the fray. Portugal U21 vs Belgium U21 will be locking horns on the 27th June from 6pm at the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium located in Tbilisi.
Both internationals get on really well on-and-off the pitch. Ramazani and Samú started their career at UD Almería at the same time, in the summer of 2020. Since then, they have grown together in football until they settled in the top flight with the Andalusian Club. Now for the first time ever, they will face each other on a pitch and since they have met, both have became key pieces in their national under-21 squads. 
The tournament can be followed via freeview RTVE TV channel. Another UD Almería player who will not go on holiday in these first weeks of June will be Babić as he has been called up by the Serbia squad to play two qualifying matches for the Eurocopa. The Serbians top their group with two wins in as many games.