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Women's Team

PsicoSalud collaborates with UD Almeria Foundation in the solidarity plan of ‘Almería Responde’

The deal was closed days before the quarantine began due to coronavirus in order to provide the Almeria Women players psychological support until the end of the season.

PsicoSalud closed a deal with the UDA Foundation a few days before the confinement began due to Coronavirus. Initially, the professionals working for PsicoSalud, Pablo Larios and Rafael Rodríguez, would be in charge of offering psychological and emotional support to the Almeria Women’s team players until the end of the season. Pablo Larios attended every weekly training session and all home games from mid-January until the Spanish Government declared the state of emergency. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this initiative has been cancelled. Meanwhile, the team will be able to follow its therapeutic advice on how to cope with these long days at home, through the YouTube channel of the UDA Foundation. Thus, PsicoSalud joins the ‘Almería Responde’ solidarity plan.

In the future, when the outbreak of Covid-19 ends and life gets back to normal, in addition to the psychological therapy aimed at the team, the psychologists will develop a programme of values ​​in sport amongst the teams of the Foundation's sports schools.

‘The role of a psychologist is important to everybody. Athletes are no exception, since psychology helps them learn how to manage their thoughts and feelings effectively, cope with stress, enhance motivation and optimise their sports performance’, he explains. Rafael Rodríguez. ‘Both the UD Almeria Foundation and PsicoSalud Almería aim to bring psychology closer to people who, due to their socio-economic status, cannot have access to it’, says Pablo Larios.

PsicoSalud Almería is a clinical and health psychology centre based in Almería with outstanding breadth of talent and more than 15 years of experience that caters for people of all ages adopting an integrative approach. Its practitioners combine techniques from a range of therapies to produce an intervention that is precisely tailored to the patients, such as individual therapies specialised in stress, anxiety and depression, group therapies, careers guidance, sports psychology and cognitive stimulation. They also run different workshops.