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Press conference

Pepe Mel: 'We have an opportunity to demonstrate that we were suitable for the top tier'

The UD Almería head coach highlighted in a pre-match press conference how motivated his team are for the Barça match that will be played this Thursday at the Power Horse Stadium

UD Almería head coach Pepe Mel highlighted in the pre-Barça press conference: 'It's a match that solves the same problem of every morning. We're a team that has just been relegated and day-to-day life is difficult, but having a team of this level in front of us is going to make it easier, the players are going to be extra motivated.'

'We have an opportunity to demonstrate that we were suitable for this top tier. The idea is that they have to worry about playing backwards, causing them problems and not having it easy. I have to lead my players to convince them that we can beat them,' he added. Although Mr Mel warned that the Culés 'are a brilliant squad and their head coach knows how to transmit what he had when he was a player. The normal thing is that the Blaugrana team performs at a high level.'

'We do many things well, however the things we do wrong take their toll on us. If we make the same mistakes against FC Barcelona that we made against Betis, we'll pay for it,' he continued. 

The Rojiblancos' gaffer also stated: 'My main goal is to win at home and we can do it on this Matchday. We have to believe it, even if it's very difficult, this is football. The footballers have to think that they're top-class just like them and that they're good footballers just like their rivals.'

The Madrid native praised Almería-born UD Almería 'B' player Marcos Peña and assured the following: 'This learning is going to be very useful for him. He has to carry on improving and learning, he's very smart and knows that he's at the beginning and he has to stay focused. In addition, tomorrow he'll play as a starter,' Pepe Mel concluded.