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UD Almería perform floral offering to Virgen del Mar

The Rojiblancos habe visited the Patroness Saint of the Almería city just before the season opener. Mohamed El Assy, the first team squad and some Academy players were present at the event

As every year, UD Almería have performed the traditional floral offering to the Patroness Saint of Almería 'Virgen del Mar.'
It was an event headed by UD Almería Managing Director Mohamed The Assy accompanied by some first team and UDA Academy and women's team coaches and captains. Some of the UDA supporters Federation and directors of the previous Club management were also present at the shrine, including Guillermo Blanes, one of the founders of the Rojiblancos' Club.
Father José Barroso was the host and thanked the presence of UD Almería at the Virgen del Mar shrine: 'This is a beautiful gesture towards the Patroness who always welcomes you with great affection,' as he stressed. 
He also stressed: 'The Virgen del Mar has thought of you in a special way in the past season, but it's also true that you've worked hard to remain in the Primera Division. Although it hasn't been easy at all, the results in the end have been great.'
On the other hand, José Barroso commented: 'You've come here to offer this bouquet of flowers to Virgen del Mar so that she leads us into the path of fair victories.' The Dominicans Father added: 'The Virgen del Mar will be with you one more season and will give you a helping hand so that UD Almería can continue in the top flight of Spanish football.'
El Almería ha cumplido con la tradición de llevar flores a la Patrona de la ciudad
Mohamed El Assy, Vicente Moreno y Fernando
El padre José Barroso se dirige a la representación de la UD Almería
Los entrenadores y capitanes del femenino y del filial
Fernando, primer capitán del Almería, en el momento de depositar las flores ante la Virgen del Mar
Foto tras el acto celebrado en el Santuario de la Virgen del Mar