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Press conference

Maximiano: "We want to win more than anybody else"

The Portuguese UD Almería goalkeeper told the media that 'we can turn the situation around, but we don't have more time, we must win now, no matter what.' The 25-year-old goalie has also stressed that they must improve their set-piece routines and has highlighted the importance of building mental toughness in elite sport

UD Almería goalkeeper Luís Maximiano has chatted to the media in the press room of the Power Horse Stadium to assess the current situation of the team. 'It's being very complicated for everyone, we really want to get it and win, but we haven't achieve it yet,' he stressed. Later, he added: 'At the end of the day that's what life is about, overcoming obstacles, responding to challenges... we just can't give up. We're professional footballers and we have to be at 100% physically every day.'

'We must improve our set-piece routines. If you aren't good at set-pieces, especially in the top tier, you'll pay for it. We need more concentration and more power,' the Lusitanian explained. 

The UD Almería man in the nets made it clear that in they have their minds set on turning this situation around: 'The team continues to trust that it can be achieved, but we don't have more time, we must win now no matter what.'

Regarding next adversaries Girona FC, current joint-leaders with Real Madrid CF in LaLiga EA Sports, the keeper assures: 'It's a tough match against a team who are having a historic season, they're up there on their own merits, but we have to face them with our weapons. All matches are difficult in the top flight. At the end of the day, when the ref blows the whistle to start, it's 11vs11 and a new opportunity arises, everything else is forgotten at that moment.'

The UD Almería goalkeeper arrived at the Club lacking minutes and rhythm in the competition, something that he has been getting as the days went by as he was being handed more regular starts. 'There are times when things don't happen the way you want, but with effort and following your path, opportunities come. I've been working on building mental toughness as much as my physical fitness, something that's been very good for me.' 

To conclude his press conference, the Braga native said that they are the ones who are having the worst time with the current situation. 'It's our job, our life, we suffer more than anyone else. We want to win more than anybody else, that's for sure,' Maximiano stated.