More than 500 kids attend UD Almería's trial days

The Club is going to create five more youth teams for next season: one under-19s, two girls under-10s and two girls under-8s

More than 500 kids aged 6-11 attending UD Almería's trial days to create five new youth teams: one under-19s, two girls under-10s and two more girls under-8s. The call of the Club had a great impact to such an extent that it had to be closed before applications than expected due to the great demand. 
Half a thousand youngsters are participating in this initiative launched by UD Almería that wants to broaden and strengthen its Academy. The organisation of the Youth Academy has divided the kids into age groups that carried out different tests and played some games to see their level and then make a selection. Those chosen will be part of the new youth sides.