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Juan Ibiza surprises the Almeria Genuine team player Daniel Aguilar

The Almeria Foundation organised a special video call between both players

The most unexpected call from the most unexpected person can make your day. The UD Almeria Genuine team player, Daniel Aguilar, received a video call from Juan Ibiza out of the blue. One sudden phone call from the Almeria first-team player gave Daniel unimaginable happiness.

The UD Almería centre-back not only asked Dani how he was doing during the confinement, but also talked about various aspects of his career in the team that competes in LaLiga Genuine Santander. Both players had a good chinwag sharing amusing anecdotes. The best moment was without a doubt when Juan Ibiza showed him that he had Dani’s sticker. 

LaLiga Foundation has brought to light a project with the company ‘Panini’, a sticker album to collect the football stars of this league, also called ‘La Liga de los Valores’ (League of Values). The collection can be obtained by downloading the Smartphone App ‘My Panini Digital Collection’ at

Juan Ibiza happened to get Daniel Aguilar's sticker on the App and he showed it to him. Dani was over the moon. The LaLiga Genuine player also collects the stickers and is looking forward to have Juan Ibiza’s as soon as possible. ‘You were so lucky…’, Dani exclaimed. ‘You are famous!’, Juan Ibiza replied. 

It was unquestionably a lovely, friendly conversation in which both have encouraged each other to cope well with the lockdown and expressed their desire for success in the forthcoming footie competitions. ‘I am glad that you are well, I hope that everything returns to normal Dani. I can’t wait. I am pretty sure that soon you can see me playing and I also hope I can go see you playing too’, Ibiza told him. ‘I can tell that you have been out of action for a while’, Dani replied. ‘Thank you so much ... Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon. I really hope you can get back on the pitch too, so that you can compete in the Genuine League... let's see if you manage to get your own sticker!’, Juan said for a laugh. Afterwards, the first-team player said goodbye by sending him a huge hug.