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Iván Balliu: 'It makes me very happy that UD Almería are in Primera division, which is where they deserve to be'

The former UD Almería player speaks on UDA Radio about 'a special match' and analyses the game of this unforgettable Saturday back down south

Ivan Balliu will play for the first time at the Power Horse Stadium wearing the jersey of next rivals Rayo Vallecano after his departure from UD Almería and the player has caught up with UDA Radio and has expressed how special this match will be: 'I can't wait to visit UD Almeria, who now play in the Primera Division, which is where they deserve to be after going all out for it over the last few seasons. I know that the Stadium has been remodelled and I'm looking forward to seeing again the people from the Club and so many friends that I left there.'

The winger has spared no praise for his former Club: 'Everyone has always treated me very well. I'm happy about playing this match, which will obviously be special for me. UD Almería's run of results right now is not the best let's say, but there's a lot of quality in that team and that will surely change.'

Balliu has stated 'I want my team Rayo to win this Saturday, and from then on, I wish UD Almería to win all the games and rank as high up as possible'. He also referred to the analysis of the upcoming match: 'I expect a strong UD Almería with two or three players per position and with different game systems. They like to have the ball and start the match fast.'

In the interview, the good sense of humor that Iván has always showed during his time as a Rojiblanco was obvious, and regarding a hypothetical goal against UD Almería, he joked: 'If I scored, that'd be a miracle, but I haven't done it for so long that it'd be hard for me not to celebrate it, but I wouldn't do it to show respect to my former club.'