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‘It's hard to beat UD Almeria when they play as a team’

José María Gutiérrez, the rojiblancos’ head coach, highlights the team work and the players’ attitude to get back into the game.

José María Gutiérrez, the UD Almeria’s head coach, stressed in the press conference after the game played against CD Mirandés that ‘when they work as a team, Almeria are hard to beat and in the second half we have been a real team’. The UD Almeria team coach acknowledged that ‘we did not perform well in the first half; We started on a bad note and during the first twenty minutes the opposing team was dominating the game’. 

Then José María Gutiérrez stressed that ‘the second half has been superb and all the players’ attitude has been wonderful’. The coach said that he was really proud of his players, but at the same time he valued that ‘beyond those who have scored the goals, we have been a team that have changed the mentality in the ground and have the responsibility of fighting to keep the ball possession when things do not work out the way we want them to’