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‘It’s always exciting to progress to the next round and take on higher-level teams’

César de la Hoz explains that the UD Almería squad is one of the best he has ever joined in his footballing career

César de la Hoz did not hesitate to point out on UDA Radio that ‘It’s always exciting to progress to the next round and be able to take on higher-level teams’ while UD Almería continue to prepare the next Cup visit of Alavés, a top-flight team competing in LaLiga Santander, to the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium. At the same time, he stated that ‘la Copa mola’ (The Cup is cool), when referring to the catchy slogan on the social networks, now more than ever since ‘it has definitely improved with the new format.’ Bear in mind that Spain’s Copa del Rey has undergone a radical transformation in an attempt to generate fresh enthusiasm for it.

The defensive midfielder, who originally hails from the Northern region of Cantabria, defined the match against the Basque Country-based side as ‘really beautiful’ and, besides, he foresees it as a ‘tightly-contested game.’ Hence, he stated: ‘We want to walk out onto the pitch, compete and win to advance. They’ve had a change of head coach and they’re going to start the game with great enthusiasm.’

The Rojiblancos are looking forward to fulfilling their burning ambition to get through to the next round. On that note, César de la Hoz spoke about it, mentioning that ‘the atmosphere is great’, above all, because of the existence of ‘a healthy competitiveness that makes the level rise.’ Then he added: ‘This is one of the best squads I have ever belonged to in the world of football.’

For the 28-year-old talented midfielder, the last LaLiga match’s suspension is actually positive, since ‘the conditions were not in place to play and it was going to be a gruelling match.’ In the same way, despite the fact that Copa del Rey is taking up Jose Gomes’ men time this week, the Indalicos are very clear about the reasons not to drop their guard in the league competition given that ‘the history of the Second tier reveals that the second half of this competition is always complicated.’

‘We can’t just relax. We have to go all out for all three points in every single match,’ César de la Hoz concluded during his catch-up with the official UD Almería radio station.