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‘I really want to be here for many years and do my bit for Almería’

Enzo Zidane believes that there are enough high quality players in the UD Almería squad in order to achieve the club’s goal in the eleven remaining matches

The players’ individual workout sessions are running like clockwork. This time around, Enzo has analysed the current situation of the team as individual training progresses. He is fully confident that the side are more than ready to face the last LaLiga games, which are ‘those that always count’. For this reason, the former Desportivo das Aves player has not hesitated to highlight ‘we have something great to fight for and we are more willing than anyone else to do our best to win those matches. In the end, we know that we depend on ourselves.’

For the time being, all we have to do is work in the best possible way in ‘a strange situation for everyone.’ The midfielder reckons that the fact that they are already ‘enjoying playing with the ball on the pitch is key to gradually boost good vibes, despite doing it alone.’

While the long-awaited date for the ball to roll in an official match is set, Enzo has indicated that within the dressing room there is a feeling of calmness since they consider that there is ‘a talented squad’ in the club with high quality players willing to go all out; that leads him to think that everyone will have to do their bit because ‘there are going to be many games in a row.’ Thus, he has reiterated the importance of getting ready both physically and mentally ‘in the best possible way’ while lockdown is being slowly eased. 

Enzo also has drawn a comparison between the eleven remaining games and a play-off.  He is of the opinion that each and every encounter will feel like a final. ‘All of us will have to get involved because we have an important objective to reach’, he said.

On a personal level, the 25-year-old player has stated that he is ‘really happy’ at UD Almería and has justified that ‘I was warmly welcomed by everybody.’ ‘All that I need is stay in a club for many years. I am very happy here and I hope to be many years to do my bit for Almeria’, he concluded.