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Hugo Neves: 'Discipline will be vital against experienced rivals'

The UD Almería 'B' player describes the big final against CD Toledo as 'crucial' and highlights the unwavering support of the fans: 'They help us loads and now it's our turn to repay that backing.'

UD Almería 'B' player Hugo Neves spoke to the Club's official media to look ahead to the crunch game that will see them locking horns against CD Toledo in the big final for promotion to Segunda RFEF. The promotion-chasing Academy prospects have already managed to defeat previously Atlético Malagueño and Real Jaén CF and now, as head coach Alberto Lasarte said: 'They'll try to make it even more difficult' to beat CD Toledo and move up a tier, with the home advantage against them yet again. 

Q. Assessment of how difficult it is to get promoted: 

A. 'After the regular season comes the play-offs and it's very difficult, in the end we played against Atlético Malagueño and Real Jaén CF who are great teams, but we managed to win and we're in the big final.

Q. What has knocking Real Jaén CF out means to you? 

A. 'It boosts our confidence and shows us that what we're doing is giving us good results, demonstrating our quality.'

Q. What has been the key to the 'military march' you are doing ahead of the final? 

A. 'We're very good defensively, collectively, we stick together and we're a family. This has given us a lot of strength. Alberto Lasarte has worked with the team very well. We have that discipline to help each other.'

Q. What rivals do you expect on Sunday? 

A. 'Tough opponents...they're in the final and they're going to make it very difficult for us, they're a veteran team and we must perform at our best to overcome them.' 

Q. Do you know that it is a different week or do you approach it the same as the other two? 

A. 'We face it at the same intensity and seriousness as the other two against Atlético Malagueño and Real Jaén CF. 

Q. Home advantage against UD Almería 'B' yet again, would you have liked to play the second leg at the Power Horse Stadium? 

A. 'Yes, I wish it had been the second leg at home, but it doesn't matter, we're going to win no matter what, we're very confident.'

Q. This morning there were already queues to collect the invitations for season-ticket holders...

A. Now it's our turn to repay the affection and support they show, they help us loads. 

Q. You have been here in Almería for several seasons. How do you feel? 

A. I feel that UD Almería is my home, it's helped me a lot and I hope to continue here for many more years. 

Q. You play on the wing, you are electric and you face bravely the teams. Does Lasarte give you freedom or does he tell you to comply tactically? 

A. Offensively, he gives us a lot of freedom, but defensively we must be more alert. 

Q. What is going to be the key in this 180-minute eliminator? 

A. We must play as a team. We know what we can contribute both attacking and defensive wise and discipline is going to be the most important strengths in a match against rivals with so much experience. 

Q. You have earned the right to achieve promotion. To what extent is it important to you? 

A. It's extremely important. We've been here for many years trying to get promoted. Two years ago, we were in the final and we didn't make it, this season is the one in which we must move up.