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Guillermo Blanes gives Turki Alalshikh his shares in the Club

The ceremony took place in the early stages of the match on the Power Horse Stadium pitch

Turki Alalshikh now owns nearly the entire shareholding of UD Almería. Until this Sunday, the percentage in his possession was very high, but it has been increased even more after Club founder Guillermo Blanes has given him the shares he had.

The delivery took place in a ceremony held on the Power Horse Stadium pitch in the early stages of the match against Real Madrid CF. Turki Alalshikh and Guillermo Blanes came down from the director’s box to the field, accompanied by the Managing director Mohamed El Assy. Aside from proceeding with the delivery of the shares, the two wanted to publicly recognise, before the UD Almeria fans, the merits of both by engaging in arms’ raise.

Guillermo Blanes sold the majority of his shares to Alfonso García in the past, albeit he kept a specific share package that he has now transferred to Turki Alalshikh.