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Gonzalo Melero: "Now our sole aim is to beat CA Osasuna"

The UD Almería co-captain recalls the first victory of the season achieved over UD Las Palmas and emphasises: "Our fans deserve a home victory from us."

'Now our sole aim is to beat CA Osasuna to be able to get the second consecutive victory in LaLiga because in addition to adding 3 more points, the fans deserve a home victory from us,' stated UD Almería co-captain Gonzalo Melero.

The Madrid-born midfielder recalled the moment when the match ended against UD Las Palmas at the Gran Canaria Stadium: 'It was a huge relief for us,' said the Rojiblanco.

'When the referee was waiting for the VAR to whistle full-time, the looks between us players spoke for themselves because the season is being very hard and what we had deserved long time ago finally arrived, a win,' he added.  

'It was a feeling between satisfaction at achieving it and knowing, at the same time, that it had arrived late. Anyway, we had to celebrate it and we hugged each other for that feeling of relief and finding the reward for hard work,' the 30-year-old player recognised.

When asked what UD Almería head coach Pepe Mel had been able to contribute over a few training sessions, Melero responded: 'We tried to reflect on the pitch what he had told us, although we achieved some things and not others. It was about having personality, having possession of the ball... We were all more connected with that extra motivation that the new head coach gives you. Anyway, there's time ahead so that we can be what he wants.'

Gonzalo Melero made it very clear: 'After picking up the three points in one go against UD Las Palmas, the truth is that we wanted the game against CA Osasuna, at home, to take place sooner, but the calendar is what it is. At least, the gaffer has more room to work.'

The UD Almería midfielder said that 'the situation is very complicated, but as Pepe Mel tells us, we don't have to look beyond the next game, which is CA Osasuna. As I said, we're going to fight to the death to get the second consecutive victory, and so on, to see how far we can get. It's clear that after that triumph we shook off a weight off our shoulders but now we have to let go of everything and try to give it our all.'

Melero wants the next match at the Power Horse Stadium to end in another victory so the fans can celebrate it at home. 'I've already said it at the beginning, the fans deserve it. It's an honour to have them. In spite of the situation, they come to the stadium in large numbers rooting for the team. Hats off!